Saturday, September 5, 2009

forgiving my father by Lucille Clifton (253-254)

The story is about someone who we think is the author. She talks about how it is Friday and how her father has no money and it is now time to pay her mother and how it is now time to pay the bills. She says he were rich and that she could take it all and give it to her mother. There is enjambment which means sentences spill from one line on to another and it is free (blank) verse which the poem is free of rhymes. The author writes, "but you were the son of a needy father, the father of a needy son," (lines 13-14). This is my own personal opinion but maybe both of them had disabilities or something that was affecting their lives. The poem states he had no money to give. The author even criticizes her father, "daddy old pauper old prisoner, old dead man,"(line 20). The author also writes he owes money to debt collectors. Overall, it sounds like the author just wishes that her father had some money.

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